Vacant Foreclosed Residential Property Registration

Who Must Register?
A mortgagee who files a foreclosure on a residential property on or after July 6, 2012, in one of five City of Cincinnati pilot neighborhoods after the foreclosure is filed and when the property is vacant. A property that is in foreclosure but is not vacant need not be registered. The property must be registered within 10 days of becoming vacant and foreclosed.
How do I register?
If a property is foreclosed, vacant and located in a pilot neighborhood, the mortgagee must complete the registration form (available for downloading via the following link) and pay the registration fee of $500.00 per building.
Please be Advised: As of October 1, 2016 the City of Cincinnati City Council has issued a 3% technology surcharge increase to all fees within the Buildings and Inspection Department,. This relates to Vacant Foreclosed Property Registrations in that the yearly fee will increase $15.
The total yearly fee for registrations will be $515.
Are there other requirements?
Yes, use the following link to review all requirements in the ordinance including but not limited to; maintenance of the property; point of sale inspection requirements; and an exception to point of sale requirements and reduced registration fee of $50.00 when a fire and burglar alarm is installed and maintained on the property.

Call the Vacant Foreclosed Property Registration Coordinator at 352-5291, with questions about the program.

Use the search tools provided to determine if the foreclosed vacant property is located in one of the pilot neighborhoods.
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