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Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS)

An award winning shared-services organization, the Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS) provides local government management solutions, integrated with land and infrastructure information, to its consortium members. CAGIS supports mission critical day-to-day operations by providing comprehensive, coordinated services and solutions related to permitting, licensing, inspections, code enforcement, planning, zoning, and land and infrastructure asset management.

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Interactive Online Mapping

CAGIS Online is a powerful web mapping site that provides public access to CAGIS GIS data.

View Permit Data via ezTrak

View the status of building permit applications and, in some cases, apply online.

Request a Public Services Online

City of Cincinnati's Customer Service Request system. Enter your request here.

Fix It Cincy! Mobile App

Submit service requests from your mobile device using our free Fix It Cincy! app.

Code Enforcement Website

This interactive map provides real-time display of open property maintenance cases in the city.

Property Activity Report

Interactive map providing comprehensive report of property activities by address.

Taxi Cab / Public Vehicle Issues

CAGIS makes it easy for citizens to report incidents involving taxis, limousines, etc.

Restaurant Inspection Reports

Search for City of Cincinnati restaurant inspection results.

Vacant Buildings in Cincinnati

Search for hazardous buildings that have been ordered to be vacated or kept vacated.

CAGIS In The News

Cincinnati Named 2017 Digital Cities Survey Winner

For the second straight year, Cincinnati earned a top-10 spot on the annual list, which recognizes cities using technology to improve citizen services, enhance transparency and encourage citizen engagement.

2017 Public Technology Institute Technology Solutions Award

The CAGIS team has received national recognition from the Public Technology Institute (PTI) for both "GIS" and "Innovation". PTI recognized three specific CAGIS projects including our Code Enforcement Map.

CAGIS team a finalist for 2017 "Tech Team of the Year" award

The CAGIS team has been named one of three finalists for Cincinnati Business Courier's 7th annual Innovation & Technology "Tech Team of the Year" award. A ceremony will be held for all finalists on Thursday, April 27, 2017.

Cincinnati Named 2016 Digital Cities Survey Winner

The City of Cincinnati has been named one of the most technologically innovative cities in the nation by the Center for Digital Government (CDG). Their annual survey recognizes cities using technology to improve citizen services, enhance transparency and encourage citizen engagement.


Who We Are

CAGIS (Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System) is an enterprise-wide consortium that provides Cincinnati and Hamilton County government agencies and private utilities with access to real-time technology solutions for decision support,leading to improvements in the coordination, efficiency and quality of public service. CAGIS has automated hundreds of land-, infrastructure-, environment-, and service-related business operations for local governments and utilities within Hamilton County using shared technology strategies. Find out more by viewing the
CAGIS Executive Summary document

The system embeds existing business rules and the management of information resources directly into departmental workflows, all made possible through the innovative integration of geographic information system (GIS) technology with automated business-process workflow software. It has become the means for integrating various local government business operations like permitting, licensing, code enforcement, work order, customer service and billing systems. With over 80% of local government and utility information having geographic content such as addresses, a geographic information system (GIS) has the unique ability to integrate diverse information and gives CAGIS the ability to enable sharing information among many organizations. This provides the foundation for agencies to contain costs by rapid access to accurate, current information in a comprehensive format, enabling interagency coordination and responsive local-government services to its citizens.

CAGIS began in 1986 as a regional consortium and currently serves more than 1,000 employees of the City of Cincinnati, Hamilton County and local utilities in mission-critical business operations. CAGIS technology is now used by front-counter staffs, managers, plan examiners, planning, engineering, accounting, dispatch and field crews in many agencies.

The CAGIS Difference

Our Vision: What Good Government Looks Like
The multi-participant nature of CAGIS and the sharing of resources, coordination and collaboration that transcends the participant's administrative and functional boundaries offer great opportunities for cost effective and efficient service. CAGIS has adopted the successful strategy of integrating GIS technologies into the daily operations of agencies – in effect, institutionalizing daily use of technology through accurate, timely data for service delivery.

The economic realities of today should make us innovative and proactive in solving problems that enables our organization to do more with limited and less resources and make our region more competitive.CAGIS is committed to a vision of VIRTUAL ACCESSIBLE GOVERNMENT that uses technology to further the goals of Hamilton County and the City of Cincinnati.

Our goal is to be a team player, an enabler and a leader in this transformation. Our mission and commitment is to understand business needs of the top management and use technology to translate their vision into reality and success.We innovate constantly to ensure CAGIS is the cost-effective technology leader providing excellent service, grow CAGIS to be a highly valued advisor and business partner in enabling agencies to transform their service delivery with unyielding integrity, deliver on commitments and set the bar high for success.

Strategic Vision
The vision of "Good Government" and making this region "the best place to do business, live, and play" is the stated goal of Hamilton County and the City of Cincinnati. CAGIS strives and continues to deliver on this vision by providing technology that enables autonomous local government and utilities to provide coordinated and efficient services with GIS-integrated business. CAGIS strives to translate this vision into an effective technical strategy that benefits all participants.

Insight & Experience
CAGIS has successfully implemented many technology projects in a variety of agencies over two decades and has developed a deep understanding and knowledge of land and infrastructure business processes. CAGIS continues to maximize the benefits of the investments by its participating agencies by expanding the use of the system, collaborating in improving the participants’ business processes and enabling effective service delivery to citizens through coordination.

Building long-term commitment
A successful GIS is built and not bought. This is because GIS is data-driven and the effective use of GIS relies on accurate and up-to-date information being available to improve the service efficiency of an organization. Often this information is dependent on other agencies to create, update and maintain. GIS, successfully implemented in an organization, is a technology that enables the "non-GIS staff" to be more productive and more accurate in performing their daily work—the institutionalizing (embedding) of technology in the workflows. This is an incremental process. CAGIS continues to support and create an environment of trust, success and credibility to secure long-term commitment and support for change at all levels of the organization.

Leadership and Excellence
CAGIS is a nationally recognized leader in the area of GIS technology and its effective use in local-government service delivery. CAGIS is committed to be innovative, continuing to identify new opportunities to improve service delivery and be cost effective. The CAGIS staff is highly qualified, motivated and dedicated to the mission of CAGIS and the vision of Hamilton County and the City of Cincinnati.

CAGIS History

The CAGIS consortium was established by cooperative agreement between the City of Cincinnati, Hamilton County, and local utilities in direct response to the 1987 Smale Commission Report of "The Streets Committee." This Subcommittee concluded that a Geographic Information System "will help eliminate the City’s existing infrastructure information management problem, encourage its better management in the future, and ensure reduced long-term capital spending by improving maintenance of today’s information." It recommended the creation of CAGIS as a shared resource.

1987 Smale Commission GIS Report

CAGIS Operations

CAGIS operates under an agreement between the City of Cincinnati, the Board of County Commissioners of Hamilton County, and Duke Energy, which is renewed every two years. The CAGIS agreement provides for additional parties and associate members to be added to the consortium.

The CAGIS Board is responsible for the implementation of the Agreement. The CAGIS Board consists of nine members: four members appointed by the Cincinnati City Manager, four members appointed by the County Administrator, one of whom must be the Hamilton County Engineer, and one member appointed by Duke Energy.

At each meeting of the CAGIS Policy Board, staff provides a detailed report on the CAGIS activities and tasks for that time period.

View reports here

The CAGIS Consortium

CAGIS supports the business efforts of numerous City and County agencies. Not all stakeholders directly use CAGIS services, but nevertheless have a stake in the services that CAGIS provides. For instance, although Cincinnati City Council and the Cincinnati City Manager’s Office do not regularly use CAGIS services, the Public Services Department relies on the Customer Service Response System to direct necessary services to City residents and businesses, meeting the service delivery goals of the City Council and the City Manager’s Office.

City of Cincinnati Agencies

Cincinnati City Council
Cincinnati City Manager
City Buildings & Inspections
Community & Economic Development
Greater Cincinnati Water Works
Public Services
Real Estate
Stormwater Maintenance Utility
Transportation and Engineering

Hamilton County Agencies
General Health District
Metropolitan Sewer District
Planning and Development
Public Works
Soil and Water Conservation District
Storm Water District

Private and Associate Consortium Members
City of Blue Ash
City of Blue Ash
City of Montgomery
City of Norwood
Village of Fairfax
Village of Glendale
Village of Indian Hill
Village of Lockland
Village of Mariemont
Village of Woodlawn
Anderson Township
Colerain Township
Columbia Township
Springfield Township
Sycamore Township
Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority
Downtown Cincinnati Inc.
Hamilton County Development Company
Hamilton County Park Board
Inspection Bureau Inc.
National Inspection Company
Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority
Xavier University Community Building Institute
Duke Energy

2017 Digital Cities Survey Winner

For the second straight year, Cincinnati earned a top-10 spot on the annual list, which recognizes cities using technology to improve citizen services, enhance transparency and encourage citizen engagement.

2017 Public Technology Institute Technology Solutions Award

The CAGIS team has received national recognition from the Public Technology Institute (PTI) in both the "GIS" and "Innovation" categories. PTI recognized three specific CAGIS projects: the customer service app "Fix It Cincy!", the Department of Public Service (DPS) Citation mobile app, and the Code Enforcement Map.

2017 Cincinnati Business Courier Tech Team of the Year Award

The CAGIS team has been named one of three finalists for the Cincinnati Business Courier's 7th Annual Innovation & Technology "Tech Team of the Year" award. A ceremony will be held to honor all finalists on Thursday, April 27, 2017. "Tech Team of the Year" is one of ten award categories honored by the Courier's annual event. The awards recognize companies that are changing how we use technology and introducing innovative products and services to the Tri-State.

2016 Digital Cities Survey Winner

The City of Cincinnati was named one of the most technologically innovative cities in the nation. The Center for Digital Government (CDG) announced on November 10th the winners of the 2016 Digital Cities Survey. Now in its 15th anniversary year, the annual survey recognizes cities using technology to improve citizen services, enhance transparency and encourage citizen engagement. The City of Cincinnati placed 8th on the list of cities with a population of 250,000 - 499,999.

2016 Route Fifty Navigator Award for Government Innovation

The City of Cincinnati Team including City Manager Harry Black, CAGIS and the Office of Performance & Data Analytics has received Route Fifty's Navigator Award for Government Innovation. The Navigator Awards aim to celebrate individuals, agencies and organizations deemed to have implemented innovative ideas in state and local government.

2016 ESRI Special Achievement in GIS Award

The CAGIS team has received the 2016 Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award from the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). ESRI's SAG award honors organizations that have used GIS to improve our world and set new precedents through the GIS community.

2016 City Manager’s Award for Excellence
Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black handed out the inaugural City Manager’s Award for Excellence to CAGIS Administrator Raj Chundur. 2016 marks the first annual presentation of the award. It is an honor bestowed upon a City of Cincinnati employee or team of employees that have made an extraordinary contribution during the year to move the City forward. Raj and his team have been an integral part of the City’s innovative government efforts, through his leadership as Administrator of Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS) and his digital and electronic contributions. He simultaneously held the title of interim director of Enterprise Technology Solutions (ETS) for several months until a permanent director was on-boarded.

2013 Public Technology Institute Technology Solutions Award

The Public Technology Institute recognized both the CAGIS County Wide Construction Coordination (CWCC) system and CAGIS Firebird in the 2012-2013 Technology Solutions Awards. CWCC won the competition in Geospatial Information Systems for jurisdictions with populations of 100,000 - 349,999. CAGIS Firebird, An Integrated Mobile Decision Support Application for Emergency Services, was recognized for Significant Achievement. Awards will be presented at the 2013 CIO Summit EAST in Alexandria, Virginia in June 2013. Public Technology Institute actively supports local government executives and elected officials through research, education, executive-level consulting services, and national recognition programs. As the only technology organization created by and for cities and counties, PTI works with a core network of leading local officials — the PTI membership — to identify research opportunities, share solutions, recognize member achievements and address the many technology issues that impact local government.

2013 City of Cincinnati earned B+ from the Ohio Public Interest Research Group Education Fund for Transparency in Spending

Cincinnati was recognized as tops in Ohio and 5th in the nation for transparency in spending. Ohio PIRG surveyed 30 of the largest municipalities in the country for transparency in spending. The group commented, "Cincinnati serves as an example that small cities can nonetheless perform very well. Despite being the second-smallest city evaluated in this report with only 296,943 residents, Cincinnati comes in fifth out of the 30 cities." Cincinnati received high marks for its Customer Service Request system (a CAGIS initiative) and its Searchable Expenditure Database..

2012 City of Cincinnati Seasongood Innovation Award (Tomorrow's Technology Today)

Second-place award for CAGIS Firebird, a mobile GIS mapping application that integrates with emergency 911 response dispatch software.

2011 Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) Distinguished Enterprise Award

CAGIS County Wide Construction Coordination system, which functions across multi-jurisdictional and multi-departmental boundaries to identify opportunities to coordinate development activities. Read more

2003 Gartner: The Case for Government Best Practices

"Although geographic information systems (GISs) started out as mapping tools, they are now deeply ingrained in the operational fabric of local governments. However, in many cases, management and political support for continued development is still lacking. The business benefits and constituent service improvements supported by the GIS may not have been articulated well, or the lack of an enterprise focus may create redundancies that overshadow benefits. In "CAGIS — Workflow Analysis for Government GIS Success," we study the Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS). CAGIS is a multijurisdiction system that includes participation from the regional private utility company. CAGIS has demonstrated that a concentration on workflow and customer service improvements can help result in successful GIS deployment."

2002 Senatorial Citation from State Senator Mark Mallory

Awarded to Raj Chundur on being recognized by the Murray and Agnes Seasongood Good Government Foundation for enhancing Cincinnati's city services through the creation of CAGIS FIM (Field Implementation Module).

2002 City of Cincinnati Seasongood Innovation Gold Tier Award

Awarded to Raj Chundur for his creation of CAGIS FIM (Field Implementation Module), allowing inspectors to record inspection results in the field and upload these results directly into the automated, enterprise permitting / code-enforcement system.

2002 U.S. HUD Electronic Permitting Systems and How To Implement Them

Electronic construction permitting is changing the way communities across the nation do business, speeding the building permit process for the people most involved—builders, inspectors, and plan reviewers—and providing better and more timely information to decision makers, managers, and staff throughout city hall. This publication is designed to help America’s communities understand the process of selecting and implementing an electronic permitting system. Benefiting from the experiences of others, communities can implement electronic permitting systems with better results and at lower cost. The combined Cincinnati/Hamilton County permitting system was one of 51 leaders in electronic permitting surveyed for this report. Read more

1999 OGRIP Best GIS Practices Award

Recognizing CAGIS as an Outstanding Enterprise-Wide Project exemplifying the goals and objectives of the Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program. Read more

1999 Sierra Computer Systems, Inc., (now Accela, Inc.) Special Achievement Award

For the CAGIS implementation of the Permits Plus workflow-tracking software and database throughout the enterprise, embedding GIS technology within the workflow processes.

1998 City of Cincinnati Seasongood Innovation Gold Tier Award

Award to Raj Chundur for the development of DocsLink, which provides for instant integrated access to departmental documents anywhere across the city and county enterprises. The project addresses one of the most pressing problems with the citizens permit process. The DocsLink innovation helps provide a "one-stop" approach to the citizens' permit process and improves customer service.

1998 ESRI Special Achievement in GIS

For the innovative deployment of GIS technology throughout the enterprise.

1998 ESRI Making a Difference Award

For CAGIS's contributions to the field of geographic information systems and for the benefits it was providing to the citizens of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

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