Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS)

Key Solutions and Applications –
Transforming Vision to Reality


The core target missions of CAGIS include:

  • Develop technology focused on coordinating service delivery
  • Share information across the Enterprise
  • Focus on workflow
  • Integrate information and services
  • Maintain accuracy of data
  • Provide instant access to data and information

Transforming these visions to reality, CAGIS provides service-delivery solutions and applications that are developed on a coordinated framework. These include the following:

  • Permitting, Licensing & Inspections — Workflow Automation
    The business work processes are automated with the specific intent to share information and ensure coordination between multiple departments/divisions through CAGIS systems.
  • Geographic Information System Map Information Foundation
    The shared GIS system provides the coordination and information-sharing framework with over 200 map information layers.
  • Customer Service Response System
    Customer Service Response system is to improve enterprise coordination and delivery of services to city residents, companies, workers, and visitors. CSR would provide employees at any location with a tool to manage effectively a service request throughout its entire "life," from its initial intake to the outcome.
  • County Wide Construction Coordination:
    The County Wide Construction Coordination system (CWCC) allows road and utility agencies in Hamilton County, Ohio, to communicate, collaborate and coordinate construction projects within a shared, integrated framework. The system functions across multi-jurisdictional and multi-departmental boundaries to identify opportunities to coordinate development activities. The CWCC exemplifies the use of geospatial technologies to integrate business systems and provide a common platform for collaboration and coordination, leading to cost savings and significant process improvements within participating agencies and improved service to communities by minimizing disruption.
  • Public Access Online Web Applications:
    CAGIS provides the public access to information through multiple channels including customer walk-ups, e-mails, and online services. The online services enable the public to apply for and track permits or request a service and provide tools to explore CAGIS information through a map-based format and consume a multitude of GIS information, such as property and land use reports. This helps the department in providing service 24 hours a day and reducing phone calls to staff.
  • Pavement Asset Management
  • Public Safety Applications
  • Field applications:
    Inspections, Asset Inventory, mobile GIS.
  • Management Dashboards and reports