Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS)

CAGIS ezTrak

CAGIS ezTrak online Permitting System

CAGIS supports the permitting and code enforcement activities of the City of Cincinnati, the Hamilton County Division of Building Inspections, and several other jurisdictions and agencies in the county. (The County Division of Building Inspections issues building permits for the unincorporated townships of Hamilton County and six contract jurisdictions.) The CAGIS ezTrak system enables citizens to track the progress of building permit applications and code enforcement cases online, and the City and County allow users to apply for a limited set of permits through ezTrak. Hamilton County Public Health also accepts the renewal of Food Licenses and Pool/Spa Licenses through ezTrak.

User Interface

CAGIS ezTrak is remarkably easy to use. The public can search the online database for permits, complaints and code enforcement cases by address, partial address, or project number. Because the system is tracks projects throughout Hamilton County, the user does not need to know which jurisdiction the project is located in.


Membership in ezTrak provides additional benefits, including access to applying for permits online, tracking projects, and receiving notifications through e-mail. Membership is open to all customers. Registered contractors, architects, engineers and developers can set up trust accounts as an option to pay fees.

When members sign into the system, they have access to their ezTrak Member Home Page. The member home page enables the user to view and manage ezTrak features specific to his or her own needs. On the home page, users can view payment details on any trust account they may have set up, view permit applications and their current status, and actively manage the permit applications they track online.

System Updates / Improvements

ezTrak is updated frequently, providing users with new services and a variety of new permits and licenses that can be applied for online. Recent additions include:

  • Online licensing of Journeymen Plumbers in the City of Cincinnati - pay online
  • Plumbing Permits in Cincinnati - apply online
  • Renewal of Food Licenses with Hamilton County Public Health online
  • Renewal of Pool and Spa Licenses with Hamilton County Public Health online