Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS)

Customer Service Requests

CAGIS created and supports an innovative customer service request system that has been adopted by the City of Cincinnati and several other jurisdictions in Hamilton County.

In developing the project scope, three goals were identified:

  1. View all City work at any particular location.
  2. Enable an organization-wide view of service requests and responses so we can better identify our needs to invest in department responses and community initiatives.
  3. Create a system that improves our intra and inter-department coordination in meeting community goals and service needs.

The system provides City employees with the tools they need to manage effectively a service request throughout its entire "life," from its initial intake to the final outcome. The system also makes it easier for call takers to respond to requests for information that do not result in further work orders. Key functions of the system include:

  • Automation of the intake and routing of service requests and the resulting departmental activities in one coordinated system
  • Tracking of service requests from the public and internal requests from one City agency to another
  • Integration of these service requests and activities with the existing citywide database of automated workflows (Accela Permits Plus) and the Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS)
  • Online "dynamic knowledge base" of telephone numbers, department facts, city and regional events, reference information, tips and "how-to" facts searchable by topic, category and keyword
  • Automatic work-order dispatching through existing Work Order systems
  • Computer and text message capabilities for field personnel
  • Automated creation of correspondence, notices, e-Mail messages, etc.
  • Management tools including custom reports and maps

Citizens can make online requests for the following jurisdictions:

City of Cincinnati

City of Blue Ash

Sycamore Township Action Line for Property Maintenance and Code Enforcement