Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS)

Cincinnati Interactive Online Services

Fix it Cincy! — New App

Your services...on the go!

The City of Cincinnati has released Fix it Cincy!, a new app to connect citizens with city services. CAGIS developed this application and has tied it directly into the City's Customer Service Request System and related automated inspection programs. With Fix it Cincy!, you can:

  • Look up trash, recycling and street sweeping dates, and set reminders
  • Locate and report problems by address or intersection
  • GPS-enabled, so you can report issues even when you don't know the address
  • Bookmark locations for quick reporting
  • Track the status of your complaints
  • Save your Contact information — you only have to enter it once
  • Search the map for Property Owner information
  • Browse recent tweets from Cincinnati government agencies.
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Journeymen Plumber License Renewal – New Feature

Cincinnati Journeymen Plumber License
2011 URISA Distinguished Enterprise Award

The City of Cincinnati is now accepting applications to renew Journeymen Plumber Licenses online through ezTrak. The entire process, including payment, can be completed online.

Cincinnati Parking

Parking Meter Inventory

In conjunction with CAGIS, the Parking Facilities Division of the Department of Enterprise Services and the Department of Transportation and Engineering have undertaken an inventory of parking in the City of Cincinnati. This webpage presents the locations of parking meters throughout the City. The inventory is ongoing, and the map will be updated as it continues.

Request Public Services

Online Customer Service Request

CAGIS created and maintains the City of Cincinnati's Customer Service Request system. Online requests are entered directly into this system and are automatically routed to the appropriate departments, agencies or inspectors.

Online Customer Service Request
Taxi Cab / Public Vehicle Issues

CAGIS collaborated with the Cincinnati Police Department to make it easy for citizens to report incidents involving taxis, handicapped livery vehicles, horse-drawn carriages, limousines and pedicabs as part of the Customer Service Request System.

Trash and Recycling Collection Days

The Cincinnati Department of Public Services collects garbage weekly throughout the City. Recycling is collected every other week, on the same day as the regular garbage collection. This online service reports when the next garbage, recycling and street sweeping dates will be for the address entered.

Restaurant Inspections

Cincinnati Health Department
Up-To-Date Restaurant Inspection Reports

The Cincinnati Health Department uses CAGIS systems to manage the inspection of restaurants in the city.

Property Maintenance

Cincinnati Code Enforcement Cases

CAGIS facilitates City departments in their management and tracking of code violation cases. CAGIS makes it possible for the public to query the online database of code violations to see how they affect their neighborhoods.

NEW! - Hazardous Building Abatement

The Hazard Abatement Program is responsible for demolishing vacant and condemned buildings, as well as barricading open, abandoned structures. About 100 structures are demolished and an average of 500 buildings are barricaded annually. The program is managed by the Property Maintenance Division of the Community Development Department. Once they receive a complaint, the building is inspected. If deemed dangerous and unsafe, it will be condemned.

Housing Violations

The Division of Property Maintenance Code Enforcement issues orders for housing code violations using CAGIS systems. These housing violations can be queried online.

Vacant Buildings

Vacant Foreclosed Residential Property Registration

CAGIS supports Cincinnati's new program requiring mortgagees to register foreclosed residential properties that have been vacated. This online tool enables mortgagees to determine if a property is located in one of the City's pilot neighborhoods and provides the public a method to query and map these properties.

Buildings ordered to be vacated by the City of Cincinnati.

The City frequently orders hazardous buildings to be vacated or kept vacated due to code violations leading to hazardous conditions. These programs are supported through CAGIS systems. The neighborhood database can be queried online.

NEW! - Mapping site for buildings ordered to be vacated by the City of Cincinnati.