Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS)

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Accela Workflow - NEW!

Elevator Certificate Program
2011 URISA Distinguished Enterprise Award

On August 1, 2018, the City of Cincinnati implemented a new Elevator Certificate billing and online payment system.


Open GIS Data Portal - NEW!

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CAGIS Open GIS Data Portal

Discover and explore data regarding local government operations in Hamilton County and the City of Cincinnati. Our mission in providing this data is to encourage the development of creative solutions. In this pursuit we aim to engage, serve, and improve our neighborhoods as well as the quality of life of our residents. Approximately 100 data sets!

Interactive Mapping

2011 URISA Distinguished Enterprise Award
CAGIS Online—Map Explorer

Explore Cincinnati and Hamilton County using this innovative online mapping site.

CAGIS Online 2.0 - BETA

Explore our newest online mapping site and provide us with feedback to help shape it!

CAGIS Portal - ArcGIS Online

Explore our online mapping portal. Create, Curate, and Share!


Street Rehab Program - NEW!

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Capital Acceleration Plan (CAP)

This site outlines the work done by the City of Cincinnati to improve the conditions of our roads and is a great resource for Citizens interested in:

  • What is my street's PCI?
  • How many lane miles are in my neighborhood?
  • How does my street's condition compare to others?
  • How can I find when work will be done on a street?
  • How can I get details regarding future pavement projects?

Property Maintenance

Comprehensive Activity Report

CAGIS Activity Report
CAGIS Activity Report

This site was created by CAGIS to provide a comprehensive report of properties within the CAGIS Consortium. Currently, this site includes open and closed Code Enforcement cases, Vacant Licenses, and Foreclosed Property Information.

Code Enforcement

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Open Code Enforcement Violations

Through education and active code enforcement, the City of Cincinnati endeavors to protect the public health, safety and quality of life.
This site offers a real-time display of open property maintenance cases.

Hazardous Building Maintenance

Vacant Foreclosed Residential Property Registration

CAGIS supports Cincinnati's new program requiring mortgagees to register foreclosed residential properties that have been vacated. This online tool enables mortgagees to determine if a property is located in one of the City's pilot neighborhoods and provides the public a method to query and map these properties.

Hazardous Building Abatement

The Hazard Abatement Program is responsible for demolishing vacant and condemned buildings, as well as barricading open, abandoned structures. About 100 structures are demolished and an average of 500 buildings are barricaded annually. The program is managed by the Property Maintenance Division of the Community Development Department. Once they receive a complaint, the building is inspected. If deemed dangerous and unsafe, it will be condemned.