Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS)

Map and Data Services

Public Access to CAGIS Data

In addition to CAGIS Online, a powerful public map explorer for Hamilton County, CAGIS provides public access to GIS layers and a variety of data and mapping services. Some of these services are provided free of charge, while others incur fees based on the staff time involved. CAGIS data primarily covers only Hamilton County, although the system does have some data for contiguous counties. For more specifics about CAGIS data layers and maps, please refer to the FAQ page.

Free GIS Layers Available to Download

CAGIS offers a set of standard GIS layers available for download, free of charge. These layers are updated quarterly. While these layers are free to the public, CAGIS does not provide any technical assistance on how to download, convert or use the data in any systems. Refer to the CAGIS GIS Download Page for a complete list of layers available.

Custom Mapping and Data Services

In addition to the free GIS data layers, CAGIS provides a number of data and product-related services to individuals or companies. Customers can request these services via email, phone or walk-in. The fee associated with these services is based on a standard staff hourly rate of $100. The minimum charge is 15 minutes of staff time ($25) and then increases by increments of 15 minutes. A request that is likely to exceed 2 hours of staff time needs prior approval from CAGIS management. The data and product services include:

  • Order up-to-date GIS layers set (Approved Layer List in Shape File Format) on DVD or as email attachments (if practicable and not exceeding size limit)
  • Extract data by CAGIS map facets from GIS repository to various supported formats (Shape file, File GDB, DXF, DWG)
  • Create pre-determined template based CAGIS planimetric, topographic and property maps
  • Create customized maps of various paper size, scale, and layers
  • Perform GIS analysis and generate reports

In any case, a maximum of one plot copy will be provided per request. The customer will be provided a digital PDF document of the plotted map via email only on request at time of service.

Contacting CAGIS for Custom Services

The best way to contact CAGIS for data layers and maps is via email to Incoming emails are always monitored and promptly answered. To ensure high quality and fast service, please provide all the specifics of the request in the email, including:

  • The area of interest for the mapping data or maps
  • The map layers
  • The desired map scale and map size, if paper map is requested
  • The preferred data format, if digital data are requested
  • The preferred method of delivery (DVDs, FTP download, email attachment if file size is smaller than 5 MB
  • Contact name and phone number

It is highly recommended that customers define the area of interest by visiting CAGIS Online and using its mapping snapshot utility to capture the exact mapping extent. Customers can forward the mapping extent image as email attachment. Please refer to CAGIS Online User Guide on how to use the mapping snapshot utility.

Alternatively, customers can request maps and data by calling (513) 352-1644 or by faxing a request to (513) 352-3557. In any case, customers are expected to provide all the needed specifics to ensure prompt service.

CAGIS accepts exact change or checks only (made to "The City of Cincinnati"). Customers are required to provide the payment at the completion time of the service.

CAGIS Consortium Pricing Policy

See the CAGIS Consortium Data Services Pricing Policy for details.

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