Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS)

CAGIS Vision

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CAGIS Administrator's View

A vision of transforming local government with technology

The economic realities of today should make us innovative and proactive in solving problems that enables our organization to do more with limited and less resources and make our region competitive.

CAGIS is committed to a vision of VIRTUAL ACCESSIBLE GOVERNMENT that uses technology to further the goals of Hamilton County and the City of Cincinnati.

Delivering Cost-effective technology is important.

What is CRITICAL is that technology TRANSFORMS the local government

Making it Efficient & Effective

Saving Time and Money

Promoting Growth & Quality of Life

CAGIS’s goal is to be a team player, an enabler and a leader in this transformation.

CAGIS’s mission and commitment is to:

  • Understand business needs of the top management and use technology to translate their vision into reality and success.
  • Innovate constantly to ensure CAGIS is the cost-effective technology leader providing excellent service.
  • Grow CAGIS to be a highly valued advisor and business partner in enabling agencies to transform their service delivery.
  • With unyielding integrity, deliver on commitments and set the bar high for success.

The CAGIS Difference- Why CAGIS is well positioned to deliver on the vision of Good Government

The multi-participant nature of CAGIS and the sharing of resources, coordination and collaboration that transcends the participants’ administrative and functional boundaries offer great opportunities for cost effective and efficient service. CAGIS has adopted the successful strategy of integrating GIS technologies into the daily operations of agencies – in effect institutionalizing daily use of technology through accurate, timely data for service delivery.

Strategic Vision: The vision of "Good Government" and making this region "the best place to do business, live, and play" is the stated goal of Hamilton County and the City of Cincinnati. CAGIS strives and continues to deliver on this vision by providing technology that enables autonomous local government and utilities to provide coordinated and efficient services with GIS-integrated business. CAGIS strives to translate this vision into an effective technical strategy that benefits all participants.

Insight & Experience: CAGIS has successfully implemented many technology projects in a variety of agencies over two decades and has developed a deep understanding and knowledge of land and infrastructure business processes. CAGIS continues to maximize the benefits of the investments by its participating agencies by expanding the use of the system, collaborating in improving the participants’ business processes and enabling effective service delivery to citizens through coordination.

Building long-term commitment: A successful GIS is built and not bought. This is because GIS is data-driven and the effective use of GIS relies on accurate and up-to-date information being available to improve the service efficiency of an organization. Often this information is dependent on other agencies to create, update and maintain. GIS, successfully implemented in an organization, is a technology that enables the "non-GIS staff" to be more productive and more accurate in performing their daily work—the institutionalizing (embedding) of technology in the workflows. This is an incremental process. CAGIS continues to support and create an environment of trust, success and credibility to secure long-term commitment and support for change at all levels of the organization.

Leadership and Excellence: CAGIS is a nationally recognized leader in the area of GIS technology and its effective use in local-government service delivery. CAGIS is committed to be innovative, continuing to identify new opportunities to improve service delivery and be cost effective. The CAGIS staff is highly qualified, motivated and dedicated to the mission of CAGIS and the vision of Hamilton County and the City of Cincinnati.