Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS)

Training Opportunities

Who can receive CAGIS training?

CAGIS provides training in geographic information systems for the employees of the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, as well as the staffs of other participating members of the CAGIS consortium. Training is not available to the public.

Where is training offered and how do I sign up?

Classes are held in a new training room provided by the Greater Cincinnati Water Works at its Spring Grove Avenue facility. Contact Tim Turinsky at (513) 352-1653 for the current class schedule and to sign up.

What classes are available?

Getting Started with GIS 1 is a web-based course from ESRI intended for individuals who are new to GIS. Students will be introduced to GIS topics and to the ESRI ArcGIS 10.2 software and AcrGIS Online. The class lasts approximately four hours. Topics include:

  • What is GIS?
    • How a GIS works
    • What can you do with a GIS?
    • Introducting an online GIS: ArcGIS Online
    • Using GIS, examples
    • Review: Defining GIS
  • What is GIS data?
    • Vector geometries & vector information
    • Raster basics
    • Data formats and storage
    • Metadata
    • Deciding which data to use for what end?
    • Introducing data models
  • Navigating a GIS map
    • Layers, images, tables
    • Scale
    • Finding locations and moving around a map
    • Data view versus the layout view
    • Creating a simple map layout
  • Finding information
    • "Info" tools and attributes
    • Attribute query basics
    • Location query basics

Getting Started with GIS 2: using ArcGIS Desktop with local CAGIS data. The class will work on a sample project that will require them to respond to a specific map request. They will perform spatial and attribute queries and put together a sample map. Topics include:

  • Displaying and querying map data
  • Understanding spatial analysis concepts
  • Creating layouts for publishing maps
  • Using the CAGIS customized menus
  • Using CAGIS base maps