Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS)

CAGIS awarded the 2016 inaugural City Manager’s Award for Excellence

On May 13, City Manager Harry Black handed out the inaugural City Manager’s Award for Excellence to CAGIS Administrator Raj Chundur and Chief Performance Officer Chad Kenney. 2016 marks the first annual presentation of the award. It is an honor bestowed upon a City of Cincinnati employee or team of employees that have made an extraordinary contribution during the year to move the City forward. Raj and his team have been an integral part of the City’s innovative government efforts, through his leadership as Administrator of Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS) and his digital and electronic contributions. He simultaneously held the title of interim director of Enterprise Technology Solutions (ETS) for several months until a permanent director was on-boarded.


An award winning shared-services organization, the Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS) provides local government management solutions, integrated with land and infrastructure information, to its consortium members. CAGIS supports mission critical day-to-day operations by providing comprehensive, coordinated services and solutions related to permitting, licensing, inspections, code enforcement, planning, zoning, and land and infrastructure asset management.

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  • cwc coordination
  • firebird
  • ez Trak

CAGIS Online is a powerful Web mapping site that provides public access to key CAGIS GIS data. It enables users to create sophisticated maps tailored to their own needs and to query the underlying geographic information system data. The site includes Street, Topography and Property base maps, along with aerial photographs dating from 1996 to 2011. Additional GIS layers can be added to these base maps, and users can add their own labels, graphics and comments. Reporting tools identify a wide array of information, including property ownership, jurisdiction, zoning, land development, sale date and amount, deed number, etc.

The County Wide Construction Coordination system (CWCC) allows road and utility agencies in Hamilton County, Ohio, to communicate, collaborate and coordinate construction projects within a shared, integrated framework. The system, developed by the Cincinnati Area GIS (CAGIS), functions across multi-jurisdictional and multi-departmental boundaries to identify opportunities to coordinate development activities. The CWCC exemplifies the use of geospatial technologies to integrate business systems and provide a common platform for collaboration and coordination, leading to cost savings and significant process improvements within participating agencies and improved service to communities by minimizing disruption. Read more

The award-winning CAGIS Firebird is a mobile GIS mapping application that integrates with emergency 911 response dispatch software. Upon an incoming 911 dispatch, Firebird captures the location information and automatically zooms to the incident on the navigational computer located in the fire truck. The simple design and big buttons on the display make it easy to use in a fire truck. Quick digital display of map and location data gives firefighters the information they need to get to an incident as fast as possible. Read More

CAGIS supports the permitting and code enforcement activities of the City of Cincinnati, the Hamilton County Division of Building Inspections, and several other jurisdictions and agencies in the county. (The County Division of Building Inspections issues building permits for the unincorporated townships of Hamilton County and six contract jurisdictions.) The CAGIS ezTrak system enables citizens to track the progress of building permit applications and code enforcement cases online, and the City and County allow users to apply for a limited set of permits through ezTrak. Hamilton County Public Health also accepts the renewal of Food Licenses and Pool/Spa Licenses through ezTrak. Read more

Cincinnati — Online Services Highlights

Cincinnati Snow Priority Routes

The Cincinnati Department of Public Services (DPS) has prioritized its snow routes, to provide the most efficient street treatment and snow removal services. Working with the Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System, DPS has published an interactive map showing the prioritized snow routes.

Cincinnati Building Resilience

These maps highlight some of the strengths and challenges facing the City of Cincinnati and the efforts being made to bolster its physical, social and civic infrastructures. Cincinnati's efforts cover a broad range of activities and include economic development, investments in neighborhoods, health initiatives, improved access to services, infrastructure management, etc.

Hazardous Building Abatement

The Hazard Abatement Program is responsible for demolishing vacant and condemned buildings, as well as barricading open, abandoned structures. About 100 structures are demolished and an average of 500 buildings are barricaded annually. The program is managed by the Property Maintenance Division of the Community Development Department. Once they receive a complaint, the building is inspected. If deemed dangerous and unsafe, it will be condemned.

Request Public Services
Online Customer Service Request

CAGIS created and maintains the City of Cincinnati's Customer Service Request system. Online requests are entered directly into this system and are automatically routed to the appropriate departments, agencies or inspectors.

Online Customer Service Request
Solid Waste Collection Days

The Cincinnati Department of Public Services collects garbage weekly throughout the City. Recycling is collected every-other week, on the same day as the regular garbage collection. This online service reports when the next garbage, recycling and street sweeping dates will be for the address entered.

Restaurant Inspections
Cincinnati Health Department
Up-To-Date Restaurant Inspection Reports

The Cincinnati Health Departments uses CAGIS systems to manage the inspection of restaurants in the city.

When the City Declares a Snow Emergency
Cincinnati Emergency Snow Routes
Snow Routes

This interactive map shows the routes that have restricted parking when the City declares a snow emergency.

Property Maintenance
Vacant Foreclosed Residential Property Registration

CAGIS supports Cincinnati's new program requiring mortgagees to register foreclosed residential properties that have been vacated. This online tool enables mortgagees to determine if a property is located in one of the City's pilot neighborhoods and provides the public a method to query and map these properties.

Buildings ordered to be vacated by the City of Cincinnati.

The City frequently orders hazardous buildings to be vacated or kept vacated due to code violations leading to hazardous conditions. These programs are supported through CAGIS systems. The neighborhood database can be queried online.

Cincinnati interactive online services View All

Shared Services

ezTrak Permitting

View the status of building permit applications and, in some cases, apply online.

CAGIS Online Map Explorer

Explore Cincinnati and Hamilton County using this innovative online mapping site.

Sycamore Township

Property Maintenance and Code Enforcement
Zoning Action Line

Report nuisance properties in Sycamore Township.

Online Customer Service Request

City of Blue Ash

Request Public Services
Citizen Service Requests

Request non-emergency services from the City of Blue Ash.

Online Customer Service Request